Carolina Cavs shine at Bigshot #SCTop100 Showcase

Barry Hardy II 2022 5’11 SC Blythewood Middle School (SC)/ Carolina Cavs
Barry was impressive at SC Top 100 using his length to make plays. Quick ball skills, shot the 3. Defended multiple positions creating offense with his defense. Finishes either hand. Led his team in scoring at 12 ppg. One to watch SC’s 2022 class.





Miquel Mason 2022 6’2 F Summit Parkway Middle School (SC)/ Carolina Cavs
Miquel was the top big in the Next division at SC Top 100 leading team at 16 ppg. Talented player with a frame and instincts to score inside and rebound. Very coachable player that caught on quickly to the teaching of Sharone Wright. Set solid screens, plays and defends the pick & roll game very well. One to watch in SC’s 2022 class.





Isaiah Williams 2022 6′ 1′ SF Blythewood Middle School (SC)/Carolina CAVS |
Isaiah led his team in scoring at 16 ppg. Athletic slasher, runs the floor well leading to easy lay-ins. Good length and knows how to use it. Effective shot blocker, shoots over top of smaller defenders. One to watch in SC’s 2022 class.





Evan Werner 2023 5’5 G Ben Lippen (SC)/ Carolina Cavs |
Evan continues to blossom as he ages, as you see his confidence starting to soar.He has 4 years of competitive experience as a guard, able to fight off pressure and make a play off the bounce. Werner averaged 6 ppg at BIG SHOTS SC Top 100.