8th Grade Cav’s Evan Werner Shines at Jr. Phenom 150

#118: 5’7 ’22 Evan Werner (Columbia, SC)
Next, we look at a player that showcased his exceptional shooting ability throughout camp, Evan Werner. He’s a strong-bodied wing with a high IQ and understanding of the game. Offensively, Werner is a threat to score with or without the ball at any time, as he will spot-up away from the ball or create his own shot with ease. He’s very efficient from all three levels and will have no problem getting minutes this season if he plays like he did at camp. Werner is a solid defender that exerts a great amount of energy on that end of the floor. Next in his development process is hitting the glass harder, as it would help him become a more complete player. Coach Nelson on Werner: “Evan has a great shot! He played well all day and made winning plays on both ends of the floor. Evan was a great kid to coach and he can be a known player in the state if he continues working.” There’s no doubt in Werner’s ability to perform and he will be one to watch going forward.

photo credit: Phenom Hoop Report

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