Character, Attitude, Values, and Service are the four pillars that the CAVS AAU basketball organization stands on. The CAVS are a South Carolina based boys AAU team for grades 7-8. As we practice, travel, and play games it is our hope that you see our coaches, players, and fans exhibiting an undying commitment to the game of basketball, in all that it entails, positive and contagious attitudes, morally correct values, and abundant service towards others. Feel free to contact myself, Organization President and Head Coach, Marc Cooper, at any time. Welcome to CAVS Nation!

Our Vision:

The Carolina CAVS believe that all players have unlimited potential. In order to unlock that potential, three things must happen. (1) Student athletes must have an unlimited curiosity to learn the game and a willingness to be the best that he can be. (2) Coaches must instill the proper fundamentals and confidence to allow them to be special people. (3) We need supportive parents that will encourage their children and endorse their coaches. Our vision is that every student athlete will have the confidence to make positive contributions on the floor at any time. Championships are won when you have a lot of special players, but dynasties are built when you have all special players.

Our Mission:

To teach commitment , positive attitudes, values and service to the community through the development of advanced fundamental basketball skills in order to grow our team members into self-confident players and young adults